About Us


Goturkishfood family is an online ethnic and cultural food platform established in London, England in 2019.

Goturkishfood; It is a company established by the need to combine Turkish food products that the Turks could not reach on a single platform and reach easily and practically as a result of our market research in England and a situation we experience. The richness of Goturkishfood Turk cuisine will offer you quality products in a convenient, practical and time-saving manner for your kitchen in England.

We are happy to offer you the shortest and healthiest form of the Goturkisfood family, together with the best quality and hard-to-reach products, the most affordable prices and cargo service.

We exist as Goturkishfood family for happiness in your kitchen and at your table.

With our best wishes, Goturkishfood family.


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