Efepaşa GÜVEN Dilim Sucuk 250GR

Efepaşa GÜVEN Dilim Sucuk 250GR


Nutritional Values Collapse;

For  -100g
-energy   1652kJ – 399kcal
-animal fat  34,7g
– saturated fatty acids  18,2g
-carbohydrate  3,8g
– sugar ratio  0.4g
-protein  18g
salt  3g

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Beef met with delicious spicy spices and a delicious taste was born. Practical, sliced sausage. It is in its package consisting of two portioned containers that preserves its freshness so you can eat safely and safely feed your loved ones.

* Slice of sausage in a special combination package of 2 x 250 grams
* Lasts for 3 months between +2 and + 7 ° C in its special packaging.
* Lactose free
* Does not contain gluten


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