Pınar Premium White Cheese 500gr

Pınar Premium White Cheese 500gr


Energy (kcal/kj): 280/1159 | Fat/(g): 25,0 | of which saturates(g) 17.0 | Carbohydrate(g): 0,7 | of which sugars(g): 0,7 | Protein (g): 13,0 | salt(g): 3,0
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It is the quality, quantity and cheese production technique of milk used that provide flavor and consistency in cheese. 1kg of Pınar White Cheese contains an average of 7kg of Pınar Süt. It gets its taste from Pınar Süt, which is collected and processed under healthy conditions and you are sure of its quality and taste. Pınar White Cheese has a unique structure thanks to its special production technique. It is easily removed from its packaging and served easily without smudging. It does not lose anything from its flavor and texture until it is finished. You can safely consume Pınar White Cheese produced under healthy and hygienic conditions without human touch.

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