Sütaş Butter 250GR

Sütaş Butter 250GR


Energy and nutrients (amount in 100 g);
Energy Value (kcal / kj)   741/3046
Fat (g)   82
Saturated Fat (g)   53,3
Carbohydrate (g)   0,4
Sugars (g)   0,4
Protein (g)   0,3



Whether you enjoy yourself or enjoy yourself, taste your meals with Sütaş Butter! Sütaş Butter, which we guarantee its naturalness from Farm to Table, is produced from the fresh milk of Sütaş Farm. With its exquisite taste and high nutritional value, it makes “both themselves and those who enjoy themselves” happy. It adds a unique flavor to meals, pastries and breakfasts. Eat a natural and healthy diet safely with Sütaş Butter.


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