Sütaş White Cheese 500GR (Sütaş Beyaz Peynir)

Sütaş White Cheese 500GR (Sütaş Beyaz Peynir)


Energy and nutrients (amount in 100 g);
Energy Value (kcal / kj)    213/884
Fat (g)   17
Saturated Fat (g)   11.1
Carbohydrate (g)   3
Sugars (g)    3
Protein (g)   12
Salt (g)   1.7
Calcium (mg)   340

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The flavor that starts the day energetic! Produced with the fresh milk of Sütaş Farm, Sütaş White Cheese is indispensable for breakfast tables with its ideal taste and structure. It offers flavor and rich nutritional value together for a good start to the day. It is a healthy and delicious choice for everyone in the family, rich in calcium, protein, minerals and vitamins that the body needs daily. Sütaş White Cheese preserves its flavor by preserving it in its own pickled water during its consumption period. With its ideal structure, it can be easily removed from its packaging and served easily without dispersing.


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